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5 Nepali Dishes You Must Try

5 Traditional Nepali Dishes You Must Try at least once in your lifetime

Every country and region exemplify its own cultural importance and is painted with its unique heritage. It takes a keen eye to observe what the people and their culture have to offer when one visits a place or region. One such country, landlocked in the south of Asia, located in the Himalayas, is the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. A country rich in culture, traditions and multi-indigenous people, offers a great food pattern for everyone visiting the place. A great chance to level up the taste buds, Nepali food is famous for its diversity and a wide variety of dishes. Not only the food is delicious but it is also rich in nutrition as well. Local spices and herbs used in cooking add up a unique taste of its own.
We are sharing below 5 Nepali dishes you must try at least once in your lifetime.

Dal Bhat

Among the most popular dishes in Nepal, Dal Bhat Tarkari and Momos are the most famous. The ethnic food of Nepal, Dal Bhat Tarkari is almost eaten two times a day. Its popularity is not only amongst the locals but also the tourists and foreigners visiting the country love the taste of these local dishes. Made with the perfect combination of dal (pulse soup), bhat (steamed rice), tarkari (curry), achar (pickle), dhido (flours of wheat, millet, buckwheat, and maize), meat and other local herbs and spices, the platter is a balanced diet on its own. This unique taste and style could be found across the whole of Nepal which signifies its holding as a traditional dish in the country.


Momos, yet another delicious and delicately made dish in Nepal, is a must try when anyone visits the country. This local dish is not only pleasing and mesmerizing to watch when cooked but it is also the perfect dish that can be eaten at any time. Steamed and wrapped minced meat or local vegetables are placed inside a dough, often no more than bite-size, the dish is served with a spicy sauce to allow the aura and flavor blend in together. Buffalo meat, chicken, pork and sometimes vegetables such as cabbage or onions are used to make the dough fillings. Momo is served in many ways. Some like it steamed while others prefer it fried but the most famous is steaming it with a spicy sauce, making this dish a fast-growing and popular must-try dish, here in Nepal. These are easily available at most of the corners of the capital city while it is not difficult for someone to find it in other parts of the country as well. The Momos are handmade and are served fresh to allow the best experience for its consumer.

The local food of Nepal is very flavorsome and one cannot resist eating Momos when in the country. They are easy to make and fast to cook and gets easily customized according to the taste and choice of the visitors, tourists or the locals alike.


In addition to Momos and Dal Baat, there are so many other mouth-watering and delicious dishes to try in Nepal. While the list continues, many tourist and foreigners love to eat Dhindo, a traditional Nepali food found mainly in mountain regions of the country. It is made with a mixture of maize and buckwheat in hot water. This fabulous dish is served with vegetable curry, pickles and fermented leafy green vegetable soup known as Gundruk. Many restaurants across the country proudly serve this dish as their traditional and most loved menu. SamayBaji, the authentic Newari dish in Nepal, is among those dishes considered to make you full and satisfied when you are extremely hungry. The dish consists of beaten rice served with sides such as grilled and marinated buffalo meat, boiled eggs, black soybeans and pickle. You’ll find a wide variety of SamayBaji all across the country.


Another mouthwatering and must try delicacy of Nepal is Chatamari; a Nepali Pizza. Made from rice flour, the pizza is topped with minced meat, vegetables, egg, and other spices.


Lassi, after the main course, made with thick, sweet and delicious yogurt drink, helps calm down the spices after the meal. This refreshing drink is famous and found in every part of the country; corner stores, streets, local vendors, you name it, this drink is readily available nationwide.

No matter what place you go, traditions, customs, norms, and food, makes its own place in the minds of the visitor. Nepal is one such place, which makes up for its own place in the heart of anyone visiting it. The hospitality and delicious food served by the locals is found nowhere but here, thus making it the perfect fit as a cultural destination that one must visit at least once in a lifetime.

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Amazing Facts about Nepal

  • Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha.
    It’s the only Country with non-quadrilateral flag.
  • Nepal has 10 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites out of the 7 are in Kathmandu.
  • Nepal doesn’t celebrate any independence day as it was never ruled by any foreign power.
  • Forget Friday or Sunday, Nepal has Saturday as a public holiday (weekend).
  • Nepal is home to the living Goddesses (locally known as Kumaris).
  • Yeti, Big Foot or Snowman, are believed to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal.

Do You know?

Nepal set an example in protecting endangered One-horned rhinos also known as Indian Rhinos by taking successful initiatives and strict measures against poachers.

Thank you Nepal.

Nepali Food

Daal Bhat and Momos are the most famous Nepali dishes and are must try if you are in Nepal.


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  • Experience the famous white river rafting in Nepal.
  • Visit Nagarkot and witness the mesmerizing beauty of Himalayas

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