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72 hours in Brasov: Things to Do in Brasov
Things to do in Brasov
Brasov is the most beautiful city in Romania

Brasov is Romania’s most beautiful city and lies in the heart of Transylvania

One beautiful morning of September 2017 I found my self on a flight from Dubai to Bucharest. I was supposed to embark on this journey of a lifetime with my usual travel partner Faisal Habib, but unfortunately, he was not able to board a flight because of some emergency matter.
It was a 5.20 hours flight and I was planning my trip so I don’t miss anything. My brain was recalling all the things to do in Brasov, which I planned for weeks.

Fast forward Announcement, Landing, and Immigration clearance.

Soon I was in a cab heading towards my hotel in Bucharest, I just wanted to spend the night here and couldn’t wait to reach Brasov.
A train journey from Bucharest to Brasov (always choose IR train which is the fastest option) usually lasts between 2 to 3 hours and the travel distance is around 180km more or less. you can purchase the train ticket from or simply can visit the Bucharest Northern Railway Station locally called as București Nord. My recommendation is to buy a ticket for at least one day in advance.

Always choose “IR train” from Bucharest to Brasov, its faster and on time

It is recommended to take a morning train to avoid delays and rush hours

Within 3 hours I was in Brasov and headed to my accommodation. I was enjoying the city architecture, the locals busy in their daily chores and children playing in parks. soon I was in my accommodation (i would describe more about it later in this article).

Things to do in Brasov: A City in the Heart of Transylvania

Brasov: A City in the Heart of Transylvania
Brasov: A City in the Heart of Transylvania

Brasov is a city with a long history known to be inhabited from 101 BC and the earliest recorded history of the city begins in the year 1281 AD.  This is an important city of modern Romania and sits in the heart of Transylvania offering a unique mixture of its medieval past and the present day modern amenities. The city of Brasov lies about 4 hours drive from Bucharest and the best way to reach this town is by train.

The train journey to Brasov is very comfortable and you will be treated with nature’s extreme gifts by way of mesmerizing landscapes and beautiful sceneries that are unique to this region. For taking your train to Brasov from Bucharest you need to go to the Bucharest North train station and board your train from that station.

Brasov is one of the best places to visit in Romania and has many reasons to be a popular destination for the visitors as it has something for everyone from old historic castles and museums to the trekking and adventures for the modern breed of visitors.

The location of this great city is in the middle of the Transylvanian region and it is easy to discover the other parts of Romania from Brasov.  You can start your visit to Romania from Brasov and hence it can become the best gateway to Romania.

Nearby Places around Brasov

  • Râşnov Fortress
  • Bran Castle (Medieval Castle is also known as Dracula Castle)
  • Piatra Craiului National Park or Poiana Braşov’s ski resort
  • Black Church
  • Piața Sfatului (Council Square)
  • Șcheii Brașovului
  • Parcul Nicolae Titulescu (A LEafy City Center Park, great for a walk)
  • Postăvarul Massif
Bran Castle in Transylvania
Bran Castle in Transylvania

Brasov is a place where you can spend your time as you want and it has many places to visit and spend your time knowing the city and its past glory as of the abode of the Saxons for many centuries. Here you can see the remnants of the Ottoman influence and the past trading empire that once prospered in this city exerting a strong influence on the entire region. This city has helped the merchants of those days to do trading with many parts of the world as it sits on the edge of the old trading route and is one of the most important trading cities of the ancient kingdoms.  Brasov still retains the same trading significance and you can see many big trading houses doing trading and other related activities making the city a beehive of activity.

Among various attractions of the Brasov, the Bran Castle occupies an important place and is considered to be one of the most famous castles of the world. Today this castle is functioning as a Museum in the memory of the Queen Marie of Romania and reminds you of the darker history of the city and true to its other name of Dracula castle it is one of the must-visit places in Brasov.

As soon as you set on your trip into the city you cannot miss the Brasov sign that sits on the Tampa Mountains in the Hollywood style. This sign can be seen from anywhere from the city and it offers an attraction to the visitors and you can snap a photo or two of the same. It will be one of the places you can visit to have a good view of the city below. Once you are here you can go to the Rasnov fortress that lies around 20 minute’s bus drive from this place.

Tampa Mountain lies directly above the Brasov city and it offers the best view and it is an attractive place to visit. You can take the cable car to Tampa Mountain and you will be mesmerized by the enchanting view of the charming rooftops as well as the complete tree-covered lush green mountain range that gives a great backdrop to this wonderful city. Though in the winter the mountains are covered in thick snow, in the autumn and springs the whole mountainside comes alive with a plethora o colors and smells of fresh blooms and thriving vegetation.

The Biserica Neagră  – is one of the largest Gothic churches in Europe and it sits at the center of the town square and is one of the most famous attractions of the Brasov city. The church exhibits the best of medieval architecture and is worth a closer look where you will be enchanted by the high ceilings and the Turkish carpets that cover the walls adding a grand look to this ecclesiastical 14th Century church building.

Yet another attraction of the Brasov is the Strada Sforii called in Romanian as the Rope Street it has the distinction of being the narrowest street in the whole of Europe. This narrow street measures 53 inches at its widest point and narrows down to just 44 inches.  This street has a rich history and has a mention of the same as the early 17 century in the city documents.

Brasov is unique in all respects and it is best explored by wandering around the city by foot and you will be enchanted with the rows and rows of old architecture standing as the evidence of the past glory of the city. 

The Council Square or the Pieta Sfatului is the main place of the city that attracts a maximum number of visitors as it is the place that has many of the city’s iconic attractions and this city square quilt in an arc shape dates back to the 13th century.

Mark Residence: A Comfortable place to stay in Brasov City Center

You can choose between studio and deluxe apartment in Mark Residence

with average rating of 9.9 in and agoda, MArk Residence in the best place to stay while in brasov. romania

Mark Residence Delux Accommodation

Your stay in the City Brasov will be more comfortable when you stay in Mark’s residence and you can enjoy the olden culture and the modern amenities all at the same place.  The owner of the Marks Residence will help you so much and take care of all your needs that you will consider him as a lifelong friend as you cannot easily forget this place of stay or your visit to Brasov city.

When you have reached Brasov, you may be having a reservation with one of the big hotels otherwise there are many good places to stay and enjoy the city. I used to stay in Mark’s Residence one of the private accommodations available at very affordable prices for the visitors. This place is very neat and clean and the owner Andrew is very humble and a pure gentleman.
He knows how to treat his guests and gives the best treatment to them and takes care of their needs very well. The food available is decent and you can’t get this type of food in hotels and this homemade food will be able to show the real taste and variety of the Romanian food and you will be delighted with the service this owner of this place gives you.

Brasov is a great city and you need more time to take note of its ancient history and feel the medieval culture that still exists here. Once you have decided to stay in the Marks Residence that is located in the center of the city. You can reach out to various modes of transport within the city in an easy and hassle-free manner.

The stay at this place is great even for a first-time visitor and you can feel at home as soon as you enter this place. The owner of this place with his vast experience in helping the visitors to have a good time while they stay in the city can help you in all respects to make your stay in Brasov as comfortable as possible.

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