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if you’re ready to explore and fall head over heels for this city, read on for our insider tips on how to spend 72 hours in Istanbul.

Looking for a once-in-a-lifetime trip? Something that doesn’t involve skis, beaches, or golf courses? Perhaps something with a rich history and unique culture? Not many cities combine so many diverging cultures and traditions into one space entirely as Istanbul does. So if you’re ready to explore and fall head over heels for this city, read on for our insider tips on how to spend 72 hours in Istanbul.

Istanbul Turkey
Fountain on Sultanahmet Mosque area. Istanbul, Turkey

72 Hours in ISTANBUL: 3 days of wanderlust in the heart of Turkey

Istanbul has captivated the world, a city so rich in culture, history, and beauty that its magic feels almost fictional. It’s the perfect blend of East and West, with mosques sharing streets with gothic cathedrals and Byzantine churches. There are also numerous places to explore on foot, including winding alleyways and historic markets. Consequently, the city is one of the most visited tourist destinations globally. There are so many visitors that you may be concerned about how much time you need to see everything. Let us put your mind at ease: You can easily spend three days in Istanbul and see the most significant sites.

Places to Stay: Where to Stay in Istanbul, Turkey?

Places to stay in Istanbul: A mixed list of suggestions by the travelers and celebrities

Below is the list of recommended places to Stay in Istanbul:

  • Landing in Istanbul 
  • Sultanahmet 
  • Taksim 
  • Galata 
  • Nisantasi
  • Cihangir 
  • Besiktas 
  • Karakoy 
  • Kadikoy 
  • Balat 
  • Sisli

Istanbul is the Heart of Turkey: A Melting point of History, Culture, and Great Food 

Itinerary for 72 Hours in Istanbul

Day 1 in Istanbul

Explore and Enjoy Old Istanbul; Sultanahmet AreaHagia Sophia, Istanbul Grand Bazaar

Day 2 in Istanbul 

Visit the Taksim area, Istiklal Avenue, Galata Bridge

Day 3 in Istanbul 

Visit the Princess Island

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