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Our story

The Story: How it Started

T for Travellerstarted a few years back when I set off to see the world.
However, I was determined to experience what the open road could offer. For me, it was crucial to keep a balance between work and travel. As I continued, I learned how to effectively plan my budget and raise enough funds to keep travelling.
Travelling has given me the ability to be more grateful and presents constant opportunities to appreciate the diverse beauty in our world. Through meeting new people, experiencing local traditions, and enjoying authentic food, I was able to recognize and value the differences that lie beyond my own experiences.

Wandering in scenic landscapes can give you a sense of completion that lingers far longer than the end of your trip

So far I managed to visit 40 countries, sometimes travelling solo, but at other times I was joined by my friends and business partners Faisal and Zafeer.

We’re not stopping there. Join us as we endeavour to visit 100+ countries. We want to show you that it is possible to travel and work, regardless of your budget. We’ve travelled on a shoestring, yet also visited some of the most expensive sights around the globe.

The Blog

This website not only documents our journey and experiences but will also share stories from other travellers to encourage people to travel and create everlasting memories.

Imagine parking up under the Milky Way with only the sound of the mountain winds to keep you company, or trekking along trails that have been imprinted with the footsteps from the past thousand years Perhaps you prefer an intimate culinary experience in a big city, or you ’re happy eating a rustic meal from the entrance of your tent with hiking companions you ’ve just met Whichever way you like to travel, T for Traveller will be your go-to guide for creating a memorable trip.

Solo travellers will find top tips on how to navigate abroad safely and achieve the full benefits of hitting the road alone. Equally, those in group s will discover the best way to plan a trip to ensure that everyone is ticking
off their bucket list while making friends along the way.

Backpackers, adventure seekers, city breakers, wildlife enthusiasts, history buffs, culture vultures and foodies will find something especially for them here.

With articles published on a variety of topics, from budget travel to an adventure re pieces, you ’ll be transported to destinations that will make you want to drop everything and pack your bags.
We understand that everyone is different You might want to get away for a long weekend, take an extended vacation, or even set off with no return date.

T for Traveler aims to build a community of like-minded people who think travelling and to expand your boundaries are important There ’s nothing quite like landing in another culture to give you a fresh perspective and make you evaluate what s really important in life.

Perhaps you ’ve not started yet that ’s ok. With first-hand accounts and tips from other travellers, you can start to visualize and plan for your own trip.
There’s no time like the present to quit dreaming and make your travel plans a reality.

Come join us on our journey as we set off to find the most exciting places and activities that the world has to offer, tailored to you.


T for Traveller Contributors

Abdullah Hussain

Abdullah Hussain is a traveller. Dubai born, he’s already been to more than 40 countries. Loves to travel, highly energetic and fond of natural beauty and cultural diversity. He is also a webmaster and expert in creating websites from scratch. As a travel junkie, he has a lot of experience and stories to share with others and chose tfortraveller to share his journeys.


Faisal Habib

Zafeer Khan